Condolence & Memory Journal


Six long years have gone by...and it feels just like can we possibly ever forget those that we remember all the time. You will live forever in our hearts as you live in His Court.

Posted by Jarnail Singh Dhillon-Arshi-Gyani - malaysia - Significant Other   April 29, 2020

Dear Narayanjot: I would like to thank you for many things but the most important one is that for us at Sikh Philosophy where you gave everything to make this boat sail to the new horizons. So, for us you are never absent but rather well and alive in our thoughts, gestures and deeds. You keep on pushing us to be better humans. Love you, Darling.

Posted by Teji Malik - Henderson, NV - Friend   April 28, 2015

Gurfateh, its been a year and it feels like an eternity... we miss you each and every moment... and you are always in our prayers... It has been an uphill battle to maintain SPN at a level which you endeavored tirelessly to attain... it will never be the same without you... but we will keep moving on, taking motivation and inspiration from your fearless spirit... as your memory will always live through your writings... Thank you for everything! :)

Posted by Aman Singh, SPN Admin    April 28, 2015


Truly saddened to learn of Narayanjot Ji's passing today. I was always in awe of her intellect and deep appreciation of Sikhi. It has been a genuine privilege to learn from her and I will cherish our interactions. Raaj Bhatti. UK

Posted by Raaj Bhatti - UK - SPN Forum member   July 01, 2014

Narayanjot Ji, though we did not always see eye to eye on subjects on SPN, I valued your input and always loved our debates! Your huge contribution to Sikhi through this seva will not be forgotten and your memory will live on through not only your close family and friends, but also all of us who knew you as 'spnadmin'. Fateh!

Posted by Akasha Kaur - Halifax, Canada - Friend   May 10, 2014


Feeling the loss of a person who made such a huge difference in my life as a a human being...without even having met in person...and living continents and oceans apart..a person who deeply touched my soul at depths i never imagined existed.....Good Bye Narayanjyot kaur have fought the good fight well..SPN and all of us have suffered an irreplaceable loss today...but you will continue to shine as brightly as the Lighthouse on a Solid Bedrock and guide us through your messages, articles, albums on SPN. Narayanjyot Kaur aka Antonia D Onfrio Pennsylvannia USA. Our deepest condolences to her family all over the world.. When she first touched my life..she was Antonia...and by the time she had become Narayanjyot Kaur..she had made ME a much better SIKH than I was before I met Antonia....she touched my deepst soul in ways that i never imagined anyone ever could..she taught me the finer and deeper meanings of Gurbani i never imagined a non-sikh could see..she saw clearly and showed me even more clearly what i imagined was permanent dhund..fog....she caught up on Gurbani Grammar, Prof Sahib Singh , the various linguistic rivers that flow endlessly throughout the pages of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, she caught on to the various intrigues and conspiracies that have muddled Sikh history and Sikh Religion through various books, fake sakhis, so fast that it made Sherlock Holmes look childs play. She cut through the chase. She was blunt and straight forward when the need of the hour was to be blunt and straight forward..although as a rule of thumb she was kind -hearted and forgiving most of the an Administrator of SPN she gave no quarter and asked for none. She was a stickler for Rules and SOP of SPN and thats why she will always be a shining beacon of light..a Light House founded on the strongest Rock that withstood the highest waves. SPN welcomed her as Antonia in early 2004-2005 and our initial communications were via Emails discussing various Sikh Forum

Posted by Jarnail Singh - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - friend   May 03, 2014

Antonia D'Onofrio was a gifted professor. I was proud to have her serve as the chair of my dissertation committee. Widener University has lost a wonderful friend of students.

Posted by Helen Hoffner - Woodlyn, PA - student   May 03, 2014


Dear Narayanjyot Ji aka SPNAdmin, thank you, you are an inspiration. Your insight, analysis, interpretation on life and Sikhi has touched many and no doubt will continue as we are fortunate to have your words with us at a touch of a button. Your memory will live through all those you have connected through even though most of us have never met you nor seen a picture of you up until now! Thank you for all that you did, I wish the family you leave behind strength to deal with your loss and know that they were very lucky to have such a blessed soul in their lives.

Posted by SaintSoldier1699 - London, UK - Friend   May 02, 2014


Narayanjyot Ji, a part of me goes with you. Though I had never had the honour of meeting you personally, but surely through interactions with you on the forum, the kind of dedication you had towards Sikhism, and the way you mentored and taught me; had a massive impact on my outlook of life. I don't know how to share my admiration of you and the pain I'm going through upon your decease in this brief message, but, as long as I'm alive, I'll remember you and cherish your memories. You have made a special place for yourself in all our hearts.

Posted by Aristotle - Patiala, India - Friend, Student   May 02, 2014

Narayanjot ji, I will miss our long telephone chats, our Pm's our long emails about everything.But at the same time I feel closer to me than ever. We have no geographical distances or of any other sort anymore. I will remember our laughters, our serious chats, and the most important,your gift as a great listener where you put everyone who came in touch with you on a pedestal. You will be in my thoughts, in my gestures, in all the things that you made me do better. Jim stay strong. You had a great companion in her who had decided to elope with you which is one of the most romantic things one can do.

Posted by Tejwant Malik - Henderson, NV - More than a friend   May 02, 2014


She was the best professor ever! I will always remember her with respect and fondness.

Posted by Luci Nurkowski - Sewell, NJ - former graduate student   May 01, 2014

Please accept my most sincere condolences and those of our common friend, Sharon Zukin. The three of us were together at Girls' High and spent many memorable hours together . I was very lucky to have found Toni a few years back just before she became ill, and I am very glad I was able to have a brief period of reunion with her. She was a wonderful person and I think of her often. She actually wrote my bio in our yearbook and she did a beautiful job of it. I will cherish her in my memory.

Posted by Merrill Hakim - Cheltenham, PA - Friend   May 01, 2014

Dr. Toni D'Onofrio was my prof for two classes while in the Widener higher education doctoral program. She could reduce 10 minutes of student blathering to a coherent two or three sentence summation. What a mind. I am so sorry to hear of her death. She was one of a kind. I was glad to hear that she married.

Posted by Dr. Pat Alexy Stoll - Voorhees, NJ - student   May 01, 2014