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It is really hard for me to appreciate her legacy in a few words... rather than be saddened by her departure, let us all celebrate the legacy of Narayanjot Kaur ji. Narayanjot ji will always live within us through her memories and her legacy will always reflect through her thoughts and ideas shared with us over the years... Certainly, SPN will never be the same again without her... and the void she leaves behind would be simply too hard to fulfill... The manner in which she was able to connect with so many people from varied cultural and religious backgrounds was simply amazing... a lot of us are going to miss her presence forever... Her endeavor to always remain in Chardi Kala (High Spirits) and positive attitude, even during adverse times, will always remain a guiding beacon... It has been quite an honor to be able to spend some quality time with her during all these years. We will always cherish the happier moments, we all were able to spent with her... And the fact that
Gurfateh, its been a year and it feels like an eternity... we miss you each and every moment... and you are always in our prayers... It has been an uphill battle to maintain SPN at a level which you endeavored tirelessly to attain... it will never be the same without you... but we will keep moving on, taking motivation and inspiration from your fearless spirit... as your memory will always live through your writings... Thank you for everything! :)